How to join the Masters?

Every person over 30 years old will be able to become a Masters.

PZN is working on introducing a license for amateurs, which will also be the confirmation of participation in Polish XC Masters.

The final shape and requirements for the license for amateurs will be worked out and approved by the PZN Board - we will inform about that immediately.

The member/member will be placed on the Masters list on this website.

Information about additional Masters category with its specific rules will be added to the license application.

The rules of Polish XC Masters membership can be found HERE

From among Masters riders, so called Core Team will be selected.

The top of Masters, so called CoreTeam, will consist of the best riders of the series of 5 qualifying competitions organized in Poland and approved by PZN and Polish XC Masters board, from age categories divided into age groups every 5 years.

If a vacancy remains in a given category or gender the National Director, after consultation with the Head Coach, Pawel Klisz and PZN, will be able to decide to fill it with an additional rider from another age category who achieves the best results at the qualification events.

Maximum number of CoreTeam members: 12 persons.

PZN will prepare for them free of charge, tailor-made starting clothes.

During the competition and training they will be able to count on training support and service advice from Pawel Klisz.
They will be able to count on discounts in stores with sports equipment.

As far as it is possible, the organizers will help them with logistics (arranging trips, accommodation, parking, etc.).

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