The Polish XC Masters initiative was created by a group of cross-country skiing enthusiasts in 2020. Polish XC Masters is the Polish representation of the WMA (World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association).

At the beginning of 2022, the founding group of 14 members established the Polish XC Masters Association.

Then, in July of the same year, Polish XC Masters received a National Court Register number and was entered in the Register of Associations.

Organisational structure:

1. Board:

Andrzej Adam Guziński - President of the Management Board

Maciej Benedykt Tracz - Vice-President of the Management Board

Stefan Kamil Krzywicki - Treasurer

Method of representation: two members of the Board of Directors acting jointly.

2nd Audit Committee:

Katarzyna Witek

Kamil Zatoński

Adam Matuszny

In August 2022, the Association received a certificate confirming PXCM's cooperation with the WMA.

The aim of the Polish XC Masters is to promote the sport of cross-country skiing among amateurs and former competitive athletes by helping them stay in top form and motivating them to compete in competitions.

Polish XC Masters