What is WMA and Polish XC Masters

The WMA (World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association), founded in February 1982 as a worldwide association of amateur cross-country skiers. It provides an international platform for the best former competitive skiers, as well as for those who enjoy competition, regardless of ranking.

The WMA Foundation was founded in February 1982 as a world association of amateur cross-country skiers.


The organisation is open to ex-athletes who have ambitions to achieve great results at a more advanced age, as well as recreational athletes for whom health and the desire to exercise are paramount and age is not an obstacle.

WMA representation consists of a president, three vice-presidents, a secretary/treasurer and a director from each member state.

Each WMA member (including the honorary president) has one vote at the annual meeting.

Aim of the organisation:

  • cooperation with all national ski associations and the F.I.S. (a Linkage Agreement has been concluded between the F.I.S. and the WMA),
  • promotion of amateur cross-country skiers internationally,
  • assisting the national directors in the organisation of national championships and international Masters competitions,
  • supporting the organising committee in its activities.

Masters World Championships:

An unofficial world championship, the so-called 'Masters World Cup', is held every year.

Information about participating in the Masters World Cup:

Age limit: at least 30 years of age before 31 December of the previous year, cannot be a member of a national team.

Age categories: 13 age groups from 30-89 years and older, in five-year categories.

Running style: classic or free style.

Individual running: according to age category, short, medium and long distance. Distances: 5, 10, 15, 30 and 45 km. A participant may take part in a maximum of three runs.

Relay races: 4 x 5 km for men and women (2 x classic, 2 x free).

Course requirements: sanctioned by the F.I.S., found in the WKO WMA.

Address of the organisation's website:

Rules and regulations for Masters competitions.

Member States:

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